Home Website Design Complete WordPress Website Design Tutorials Free for Beginners to Experts

Complete WordPress Website Design Tutorials Free for Beginners to Experts

WordPress Website Design Tutorials for free

Complete WordPress Website Design Tutorials Free for Beginners to Experts

This is the ultimate complete WordPress website design tutorials free for beginners to experts. Learn WordPress website design tips and tricks to become a website developer. These video tutorials will help you to become an adept web designer, no coding knowledge required. You can watch Website Design Tutorial Videos

Basic Elements of a Website

First, we need to know what are the things that we required to make a complete WordPress Website. Basically we, need a Domain and a hosting to host the website content. Then we need to chose a system by which we can create a website, for instance, WordPress installation. Next, we need to set a template to give the shape or structure to the website. Finally, we have to publish content and customize the site to make it complete. These are the common steps of making a website.

Watch the video – Things we need to make a WordPress website.

Domain and Hosting

As per the basic elements requirement, we have to purchase is Domain and Hosting. A fresh domain may cost around $13 and Hosting package price depends on the quality and the type of hosting. To know more check the video – How to buy Domain and Hosting

Before buying domain and hosting we should keep in mind that it is always better to choose prominent companies services. In the below video I have shown list of top 5 domain and web hosting services provider companies from my personal using experience so that you can take decision easily.

If you want to start making website for first time or looking to save your money by choosing econical hosting plan, then I would suggest you to go for Shared hosting as it is the cheapest option available. However, In case of organizations website development web developers choose to go for Dedicated Server Hosting. Personally, I had hosted most of my websites on shared hosting plan. When ever clients order me to make websites for them, I show them all types of hosting plan types and tell them about their pros and cons so that they can choose the suitable one according to their budget and necessity.

If you are looking forward to purchase a shared hosting plan, then you can check the below video to understand the difference of price and facilities of different shared hosting packages.

Well, before purchasing domain and hosting, first we have to research a bit, where to buy domain and hosting from. We can buy domain and hosting from the same market place or from different one. After deciding the preferable provider, we need to open an account on their website. Login into that account we can purchase domain and hosting using PayPal or Visa/ Master cards by giving necessary information. You can check the video of buying domain hosting to know more.

Immediately after the hosting purchase we should change the hosting cPanel’s password to make it secure. It is not compulsory to change the password, but it is always safe to do so. To know about that watch the video – How to change cPanel password

If you accidentally forget your hosting cPanel’s password, you need not to worry because we can easily reset that password. And the user name of the hosting cPanel is provided with the email. If also lost that email, you can contact to your hosting provider company by live chat. Watch the video to know more of hosting cPanel’s password reset process.

To purchase hosting you need to purchase a domain with it or you should have a domain. The domain you own that could be from the same Domain-Hosting provider or it could be from different companies, there is no issue with that. Once you have a share hosting plan that support multiple domain hosting and you want to add a new domain to that hosting to start build your site. Check the video – How to add a new domain to hosting

To add domain to hosting in share hosting package, you need to create an addon domain. To know more about addon domain watch the video – What is addon domain  

WordPress and Theme Installation

Once you added your domain to your hosting, you are ready to setup a website design platform like WordPress, Jhumpa, PHP etc. To create WordPress website, we need to install WordPress from the hosting cPanel. Watch the video – How to Install WordPress on a new domain

In next step we need to install a theme to our WordPress website to give it a nice structure and style. There are lots of free WordPress theme available or we can purchase premium WordPress theme that can make our website look stunning in easy steps. Check the video – How to install a theme on WordPress

If you want to create a professional looking website, it will be better to purchase a premium theme. Because premium theme will help you to install demo content and structure of a gorgeous website. Premium WordPress theme may cost from $10 to $100, on average around $50 Dollar. If you think the price is too must for you on starting level, then contact me via email provided email on this website, so that you can collect premium themes from my collection. Check the video – How to install a premium WordPress theme with demo content

These WordPress website design tutorials can help everyone from beginners to experts for free.


I you want to create a different sub topic website for free then there is an option of subdomain which is free. We can create a subdomain website with different look and type for free. To know more about subdomains, watch the video – What is Subdomain

By creating sub domain, you can make another subcategory website of your main domain easily for free. If you want to create a subdomain then watch – How to create a Subdomain and to make a subdomain WordPress website

After creating subdomain, you have to install WordPress on the subdomain from cPanel. Then you will be able to install the on that subdomain website. Check the video – How to install WordPress on Subdomain

Renewal of Domain Hosting

After every one year we need to renew our domain and hosting. For hosting we can choose monthly renewal option, but yearly renewal is much cheaper. We can buy the domain for more than one year if we want. Watch – How to renew domain and hosting

I hope the ultimate WordPress website design tutorials for free from beginners to experts will help you a lot in your website design career and broaden your horizon. Stay Tune.

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