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Wind Turbine – Benefits and Main Parts of it

Wind Turbine

A wind turbine is a great source of alternative energy. The turbine actually converter wind’s kinetic energy into electrical energy using some supportive devices.

Types of Wind Turbine

There are actually two types of wind turbines, they are vertical axis turbines and horizontal axis turbines.

Companies manufacture a range of turbines worldwide. We generally use the small turbines to charge the batteries of the different appliances. On the other hand, we use Larger turbines for making contributions to a domestic power grid or as backup power to the utility supplier via the electrical grid system.

Nowadays, worldwide Arrays of large turbines are becoming a vital source of renewable energy day by day. People also call it wind farms.


Benefits of Wind Farms

The main benefit of wind farms is that they are very eco-friendly. Wind power source doesn’t contaminate the atmosphere like general power plants that mostly rely on combustion of fossil fuels like coal and natural gas. Additionally, It reduces the reliance on fossil fuels. It’s advantages out weight the disadvantages, though it has some downsides like high establishment cost and remote suitable locations etc.


Parts of Wind Turbine

Main Parts of a Wind Turbine

Turning Blades

Turning blades turns with the wind. Therefore, manufacturers made with light but strong materials.

Automatic Orientation Module

The automatic orientation module automatically orients the wind turbine towards the wind flow to take maximum advantage of the kinetic energy by the wind flow. It works like a radar to track the wind flow.


A generator produces electricity by converting the wind’s kinetic energy into electrical current.


Between the turbine blade and generator shaft a gearbox is placed to lift the turning velocity from by incising the revolutions multiple times.

Other Parts

There are some other supportive elements that hold the turbine above the ground and take the produced electricity from the turbine to the power grid.


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