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What is Subdomain – Difference Between a Domain and a Subdomain with example


If you want to know, what is subdomain and how we use a subdomain, then this post can give you a clear idea. In this post, we would discuss what does a subdomain URL looks like and what is the main difference between a domain. Know the explanation with an example of a subdomain URL and domain name URL. domains subdomain explanation.

What is Subdomain?

If you ask the definition of a subdomain then the answer would be, Subdomain is basically a subsection of a larger domain. When we purchase a domain, we get the main domain. However, we can create numerous subdomains of the main domain to make different subsidiary subdomain websites based on subcategories. For instance, if our main domain is “mywebsite.com’’ then we can create a news subdomain of it as ‘’news.mywebsite.com’’ or a video subdomain of it as “video.mywebsite.com” and so on.

subdomain example

Difference Between Domain and Subdomain

We may easily understand the main difference between domain and subdomain if we dissect a domain name. Example always makes things clear.

For example, “www.justgenius.info” is our main domain. In Dissected parts we can see that “info’’ is the Top-Level Domain. “justgenius” is the Second-Level Domain and “www” is the subdomain. ‘’www’’ is the default subdomain associated the all main domains.

The abbreviation of ‘’TLD’’ is  ‘’top-level domain’’ and ‘’SLD’’ is ‘’second-level domain’’. Here, SLD determines the uniqueness of the domain name. The common part, www can be replaced by another subdomain name, for example, video.justgenius.info

I believe, now the difference between a main domain and a subdomain is clear.


Why we use subdomains

The main purpose of a subdomain is to create a subsidiary subcategory website to high light a particular topic in a different website attached with the main the main website. However, we can create a different website on our subdomains for totally free of costs. The use of domains subdomain can be diverse.

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