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What is Subdomain – a Domain and a Subdomain Difference with example



If you want to know, what is subdomain and how we use a subdomain, then this post can give you a clear idea. In this post, we would discuss what does a sub domain URL looks like and what is the main difference between a domain. Know the explanation with an example of a sub domain URL and domain name URL. domains subdomain explanation.

What is Subdomain?

If you ask the definition of a subdomain then the answer would be, Sub domain is basically a subsection of a larger domain. When we purchase a domain, we get the main domain. However, we can create numerous sub-domains of the main domain to make different subsidiary sub-websites based on subcategories. For instance, if our main domain is “mywebsite.com’’ then we can create a news sub domain of it as ‘’news.mywebsite.com’’ or a video subdomain of it as “video.mywebsite.com” and so on.

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Difference Between Domain and Subdomain

We may easily understand the main difference between domain and subdomain if we dissect a domain name. Example always makes things clear.

For example, “www.justgenius.info” is our main domain. In Dissected parts we can see that “info’’ is the Top-Level Domain. “justgenius” is the Second-Level Domain and “www” is the subdomain. ‘’www’’ is the default sub domain associated the all main domains.

The abbreviation of ‘’TLD’’ is  ‘’top-level domain’’ and ‘’SLD’’ is ‘’second-level domain’’. Here, SLD determines the uniqueness of the domain name. The common part, www can be replaced by another sub-domain name, for example, video.justgenius.info

I believe, now the difference between a main domain and a subdomain is clear.


Why we use sub domains

The main purpose of a subdomain is to create a subsidiary subcategory website to high light a particular topic in a different website attached with the main the main website. However, we can create a different website on our sub domains for totally free of costs. The use of domains sub-domain can be diverse.

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Advantages of Sub-domains

  • Subdomains are free. If your organizing strategy permits, when you have actually purchased a domain name you can add subdomains for no charge.
  • Sub-websites are very simple to include as well as you utilize them like you would certainly any type of site.
  • Internet search engine might not dig deep adequate to index and also place your primary website pages however, due to the fact that a subdomain is considered as a different website, it will obtain indexed in its own right.
  • If you make use of WordPress or any kind of software program that creates dynamic links you avoid url conflicts by utilizing subdomains rather than subdirectories.
  • Blog posts obtain lost with time and also, even if they initially succeed in online search engine, they shed incentive and also position. A sub domain with articles committed to a certain topic will keep quality and also search engine value.
  • Unless you have a large quantity of subdomains on one domain Google will certainly not penalize a site.
  • From my experience, a sub-domain tagged on to an already well placed site gets indexed rapidly as well as take advantage of its parent’s success.
  • It is simple to install or publish anything to a subdomain without impact on your main site. You can avoid software program as well as plugin problems.
  • To use a various motif for specific objectives or touchdown page motifs when plugins don’t meet your demands.
  • Your primary site will certainly not be slowed down by adding source heavy applications or plugins. Mount them on a sub domain instead.
  • The capability to utilize a keyword phrase for the subdomain name for quality, search engine and advertising purposes. For instance, mail.google.com defines specifically what its objective is.
  • To establish brand recognition and line up that brand with you.
  • sub domains for brand name recognition
  • To target a specific reader team, market section or country.
  • Where you intend to keep your main site informative but likewise intend to offer services or products.
  • To highlight a significant subject from your major website.
  • To use for a various subject or specific niche.
  • Usage for elements such as listings of links which do not rate well however still give worth to readers.
  • For adding value as well as resources for your readers, teams and also customers and also attract brand-new ones.
  • If an internet search engine may not such as a specific topic put it on a sub-domain and don’t harm the reputation or possibility of your primary site.
  • For utilizing WordPress multi-sites for yourself or others.
  • You can include capability for your very own use when you are unable to include it to your primary website.
  • Usage for discovering objectives.
  • For mentoring, mentoring and support.
  • To boost your online visibility.
  • Efficiency for lots of individual functions.

I have actually used subdomains for all the above factors, either on my sites or those of customers, charities, pals, family members, online calls and team members.


Summarization of Benefits and Drawbacks of using a sub domain

A lot of services don’t like to utilize sub-websites since they seem like they provide a negative aspect in several locations, such as having a prefix name prior to your web-site, being overlooked by crawlers and also index crawlers in internet search engine and all in all, it just doesn’t look right. So let’s check our realities on subdomains.

A subdomain is alternative or second-level of a domain name. A regular domain name looks as adheres to: www.cwdgservices.com. A sub domain appears like this sample.cwdgservices.com. You should keep in mind that, Subdomain websites do not show WWW before the website URL. All below begin with “http://subdomain.maindomain.com pattern of recognition.

Subdomains rate effectively well. Internet search engine crawlers as well as bots are not prejudiced when it involves the position of sub-domains and also routine domains. As long as your site has the right Search Engine Optimization keywords and also has actually been maximized, whether you have a sub domain or normal domain name does not make a distinction in any way.

Allows make believe that you website has a lot of categories in it. If you were to submit to a search engine, you could send each subdomain as its own individual group as well as still get a great ranking. Each sub-websites would certainly be taken a look at by online search engine as a brand-new website with its own index or web page. You may intend to attempt developing subfolders on the sub-domain to navigate this to make sure that online search engine can check out the folder as one set of website information.

People stress over their subdomain obtaining prohibited if the primary domain is outlawed. If the primary domain is prohibited, it will have an effect on the sub domain.

Again, there is nothing incorrect with making use of a subdomain. If you wish to establish each subdomain as its own entity, after that by all means, do so. Otherwise, get yourself a primary domain name as well as make use of that as a licensed landing web page.

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