Just Genius Info website would regularly share different website design tips and tricks posts to help beginners. Especially, effective WordPress Website design Technique in 2020. Additionally, you would find Domain and Hosting purchasing suggestions, tips for installing WordPress and use of free & premium theme, customization of the theme. We would like to share some tutorials so that readers can learn the topics clearly. Therefore, we believe you would be surely benefited, if you want to learn website design properly.

To know the contemporary website design pro tips and tricks you must stay tuned with this blog. We would also share our success footprint and experiences. Just Genius Info Blog site always bear in mind that success comes after having hard work in a proper way, therefore, we must be heading towards the right direction with full dedication. Never fall behind to enhance your knowledge following our blog site. Keep learning and Keep yourself up to date.

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Professional Website Design Guidelines and Tutorials for Novice to Expert

Those who want to have professional website design guidelines and tutorials, are warmly welcome here on this page, as it is dedicated to the people who have a passion for web design and development and willing to learn more to build a successful website development career and earn money online by either making a own profitable website or want to work as a freelancer to build websites for clients.

Difference between Website Design and Website Development

Most of us either consider website design and website development as the same thing or we don’t know the exact difference between these two terms. There is actually a simple difference between website development and website design. In gist, website design actually refers to both the ornamental portion of a website and the serviceability of that site. By contrast website development, mainly focus on the functions and usability of a website. Web developer mainly use coding languages like HTML, PHP, JavaScript, CSS and some other popular programming languages to make the website work according to the instruction of a client.

Benefits of Learning Website Design

There are two major benefits of learning website design. One is that, you can build a career as a freelance website designer and earn money from home by working on renowned freelance market places. Other advantage is that, you can create your own profit generating website by your own. We can create our own money earning AdSense blog website, affiliate site, freelance site, ecommerce site, freelance market site, educational site and many other profitable websites. Now we can understand, how beneficial it could be to know website design and development.

What you can learn from this blog?

Well the blog owner is associated with website design and development since 2016 and in this 5 year he had gained a lot of knowledge on WordPress website design, google blogger site design and some other easy free subdomain website making. Here, the blog owner will share all his 5-year experience and guide you to be come an expert website designer by providing pro tips and tricks. Therefore, if you have interest in web development and design sector then stay tune with this blog, as it can broaden you horizon in this topic.

Website Design

WordPress Web Design

WordPress is one of the most popular websites designing platform across the world. It is so famous mainly because of it’s flexibility and easy to apply dynamic tools using plugins. Due to it’s available resources and easy to use nature it has become so renowned.

WordPress is a system, by applying it to our website, we can create website in WordPress system. WordPress platform has its own methodology and tools to give structure to a website.

Theme is a prebuild structure, created using coding languages by website developers or theme developers, that is available in almost every web design system. WordPress offers us with lots of free theme and premium themes, so that anyone can build a website having less or no coding knowledge. WordPress, shortly known as WP, made our life easier in web designing.

Plugin, a module of codes, can give a website extra features or functions easily without disturbing other parts, plays really important role in WP website Design. There are lots of free and premium themes available in WordPress, which makes WP platform so prominent among web designers, especially among those site creators, who are amateur in coding.

If you search on google by the search term “WordPress” you will find it’s website and you can know more about WP system, it’s products, what it offers and all information that you would like to know about WordPress platform.

We can create all sorts of website like ecommerce site, blog site, company site, photography site, gaming site and all other kinds of sites in WordPress. The interesting fact is that it does take long to mastery the techniques of making WP website and that is what you can learn from this blog. So, stay tune and keep learning.


HTML Web Design

HTML = Hypertext Markup Language. It is one of the most basic websites designing coding language. HTML is so fundamental that without gathering knowledge about it, a web developer cannot do elementary changes in coding section. As it is one of the most basic coding skills, every web developer should have a good knowledge of HTML.

Hypertext Markup Language is a coding language, by applying it on scripts we build different modules of a website. It can be used to give structure, shape, color and every designing change to a website.

Templates are prebuilt coded structures, created by coding by expert coders. HTML based templates are available online. By using these pre-coded templates, we can easily build a website, but to edit it and make changes we must have a decent coding knowledge.

If you search on google by the search term “HTML” you will find the website W3 Schools and another website HTML dot Com, you can learn more about Hypertext Markup Language, it’s uses and all other details that you may love to know about this basic coding language. W3Schools is a great website to learn the Hypertext-Markup Language.

However, we can create all sorts of website like blog site, ecommerce site, company site, gaming site, photography site and all other kinds of sites using HTML. The hart truth is that, it is not an easy language to master, take a lot of time and dedication. In this blog I would share some special and useful coding, how to use codes on Google blogger and some pro tips and tricks to achieve success in quick time.

I hope this page would surely help you know some special website design tricks.

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