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Top 10 trusted ways to make money online from home 2020

Top 10 trusted ways to make money online from home in 2020

Top 10 trusted ways to make money online from home 2020

If you are looking for the trusted ways to make money online from home, then this post may help you. Actually, there are a lot of different ways and ideas of making money over net. But in this post I described the Top 10 ideas of earning money online from your home in 2020 below:

1. By Creating a YouTube Channel:

I thinks YouTube provided us the best platform to earn money online. To earn from YouTube we simply have to create a YouTube Channel using our Gmail account, then we have to create and publish videos on YouTube regularly. Then we have to reach the minimum qualification to monetize YouTube videos with Google AdSense Ads. The minimum qualification is, our channel must be 1 year old, have 1000+ Subscriber and channel’s video watch time should be 4000+ Hours in last 12 months.


2. By Making an Blog Website

We can create our own blog website. To make a blog website we need a domain and hosting. Domain may cost $9 to $15 or more and hosting packages starts from $16 yearly. As you are making an earning blog website you should use a premium theme so it will cost around $20-$60. If you want, you can use free themes as well or you can contact me to get premium themes in as cheap rate as $5.  So, you need a budget of $50 – $100 to make a professional earning blog website. You just need to install a platform like WordPress or other platform, then install theme and decorate your website with content (text, videos, audios and images). After posting minimum of 10 unique articles (not copy righted) over 500 words each you can apply for Google AdSense Ads revenue. Finally after getting accepted by Google AdSense you can start making money from your blog website. Just like my blog website Just Genius Info.


3. By Creating Android Apps:

Earning by creating Android apps is now trending. We can earn a passive money by making quality useful unique android apps. We can use Google AdMob’s add to monetize our apps with advertisement such as banner ads, interstitial ads and reward ads. So, you need to know android apps development to earn in this way. If you know java, Python or other coding languages then the most perfect apps building platform is Android Studio. If you don’t know coding then you can use Thunkable platform to make android apps using elements and logic blocks.

4. By Freelancing on Market places:

If you have skills like web design, graphics design, social media marketing, android apps development, search engine optimization, email marketing, content writing, video editing, YouTube marketing or other useful knowledge then you can sell you services on different market places or you can work as a freelancer. Market places like Fiverr, Upwork, PeoplePerHour, Freelancer, Guru … are very popular.


5. By Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to make money online if you have a website blog. There are affiliates of all most every types of products. Affiliate market places like CJ Affiliate by Conversant, Amazon Associates, Clickbank, Affiliate Partners Ltd, Commission Factory, PeerFly, Wide Markets, ShareaSale …. are very popular. First, you need to create a website and decorate your site with proper content. Then you can apply for affiliate program using your blog. If your websites content comply with the affiliate market’s requirements then they will accept your website and if people purchase any product by clicking from your website content’s affiliate links then you will earn commission. So, the main idea is that you need to write article to describe about the particular types of products and put the relevant affiliate products link on the article, expecting visitors to buy product clicking through the affiliate links.


6. From Facebook:

There are few different ways to earn money from Facebook. But the most easy and legit way is to make money from Facebook Ads. There are two ways. One of the way is if you have website you can monetize your website with Facebook ads. And the other way is to create video content and publish on Facebook. To comply with the requirement to get ads on FB videos you must have a Facebook page and the page should have 10000+ likes & follower and page should have at least one video or more of 3 minutes and 30000+ views of over one minute on 3 minutes videos. If you fulfill the requirement Facebook ads will be displayed on your FB videos and you can earn a good money from that.


7. By selling Images, Videos and Vectors:

If you have good camera and you are interested in photography and videography, then you can earn by capturing quality images & videos and selling them on market places. There are a lot of popular market places to sell images, videos and vectors. Market places like Shutterstock, Alamy, Fotolia, Etsy, Crestock, Fotomoto, Snapped4u, iStock, 500px …… are very popular for image selling. And videos you can try Unscreen, Vimeo, Newsflare, Amazon etc. For images and videos selling you need ensure unique and quality photos and videos to be sold.


8. By Selling Online Courses

If you are experienced and skilled in a particular area, then you can create course videos and easily sell them on course selling market places like Udemy, Skillshare, Click4Course, Digital Chalk, Thinkific etc. You can sell courses like Web Design, Graphics Design, Android Apps Development, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Video Editing, IT support, Email Marketing, Math, Engineering, Drawing, Accounting and other skills that have value in society.


9. By Forex Trading online:

Another great way to earn a good amount of money is forex trading. Forex generally known as foreign exchange or currency trading, shortly known as FX trading. It is a decentralized global market to trade all the currencies of the world. It is known to all that the forex market is the biggest liquid market over the world with an average daily trading volume over $5 Trillion. All the stock markets jointly don’t even come close to Forex trading. You can learn Forex trading from the websites like FxStreet, Bloomberg, ForexFactory, ForexLive, DailyFx etc.


10. By doing other popular jobs:

There are many other popular jobs such as data entry, online survey, ecommerce, provide SEO services, market analysis, digital marketing, email marketing, virtual assistant, gaming, social media marketing,  eBook writing, domain flipping, cryptocurrencies etc.


According to Just Genius Info, these are the top 10 trusted ways of making money online from home in 2020.


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