Just Genius Info website love to share different tips and tricks of website design, SEO, online marketing, graphics design, video editing and marketing, making money online ideas etc. in 2020. In addition, we will share some on hand working tutorials to make the topics clear. Therefore, you can get a lot of benefits from this site, especially from this page. We will share our personal experiences so that you can broaden your horizon in these topics.

Knowing the contemporary tips and tricks is essential to get success. For instance, we should know the modern trends that what experts are doing to take their works in a different level. Therefore, we should bear in mind that success follows footprints, and we must be heading towards the right direction, which you can learn from this page of the site. So, keep following and keep enhancing your knowledge with Just Genius Info blog.

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Pro Tips and Tricks of contemporary Information Technology and Devices

The word “Tip” means hint or suggestion with practical information. And the word “Trick” means ploy or a cunning plan to achieve something good easily. The phase “Tips and Tricks” means hints to achieve success or suggesting a cunning plan that can bring success easily.

Here, in this this blog we mainly share modern Information Technology and use of contemporary common devices tips and tricks. The tech industry is growing day by day and addition of new devices and applications making it dynamic. It is impossible for every person to know use of all devices and application properly. Therefore, we want to share our experience of using common and latest technologies and proper strategy of using common tech devices and software.

Here we would share pro tips of using personal computers and laptops, it’s software and accessories. More importantly, Mobile devices has become the most famous of all other modern devices, so would like to cover mobile devices & tabs and their applications. Apart from that use of photo and video capturing devices like DSLR camera, action camera, drone camera and camera accessories will be our key topic. We would share video editing and image editing software and their uses with proper tutorials.

Therefore, it would be great idea to stay tune with this blog, especially if you are a tech freak. Following this blog you will not only know about the contemporary technologies but also you can learn their use with tutorials.

Effective SEO and Online Marketing Strategy

Here we would share contemporary SEO strategies that works in 2020. Besides search engine optimization, we would share modern social media marketing ideas and other effective digital marketing related tips and tricks.

We all know that SEO is the most efficient way to get free traffic to a website from search engines. Actually, to promote a website we apply multiple strategies which can make our website known to the audience. There are no hard and fast rules or any magic formula to make a website or content viral.

Stay tune to this blog, so that you can learn some good and effective online marketing ideas to promote your band and website.


Trendy Product Reviews and Buying Guide

This blog loves to share information of recently launched products and trendy products that gone viral among tech reviewers and have a huge demand among general customers. There are two aspects of this review, one is to convey the news of that product to the new audience and secondly, help the people to buy the best products among the list of related products by providing them with the ultimate buying guide.

Therefor, keep in touch with this blog to get more new tech products reviews and news. Never buy a product without having proper knowledge about the product and knowing the feedback.

Top 1O Facts Discussion

In this blog, we would also love to discuss the top 10 facts on different topics. It could be in any category. Could be Tech related products, software, Lifestyle etc. In a single sentence, it could be on anything and everything.

Top 10 facts help people to understand in-depth on that particular topic, that is why we have decided to publish posts on this criterion. Top 10 things, especially on product categories, provides the reader with a proper buying guide. Before buying products, we need to compare them with other best products of the related type. That is the renowned 10 product comparison that can really be helpful readers. A review of the best 10 items will definitely help all of us to have a proper idea.

However, we don’t want to limit these top 10 facts within product reviews, we want to expand the criteria and also want to discuss about the Lifestyle and Philosophical facts. Lifestyle facts can help us to improve our lifestyle and give our psychology a positive boost.

Successful Online Business Setup and Growth Tips and Tricks

Here we will also discuss about how to setup a successful online business and how to grow the business to make that big. In modern era, most people like to setup a profitable online business that can give him a decent passive income. But most of the people don’t have the right idea for a good business and if they find one idea, they don’t know how to setup that and run that successfully. A successful business should have a proper planning, a good investment and lots of hard work to make it established.

Before starting a online business or any short of business we should know about that business clearly and should have an in-depth knowledge about the progress of that business. Without having proper market analysis and proper execution of analyzed result we can not make a business successful.

Therefore, in this blog we will share lots of unique business idea that can works and share numerous valuable tips and tricks so that you can have some solid information about that business. I must say, study first, know the business, know how to setup and run the business, know about the profit strategy and the risk factor then considering all the facts then decide that the business suits you or not.

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