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What is SHAREit: How to use SHAREit app on PC to share files from android device

SHAREit app on PC

SHAREit app on PC

SHAREit app on PC! If you are thinking about sharing file from Mobile to PC or vice versa wirelessly, then this post can be helpful for you. We can use SHAREit app to easily share files from our PC to our Smartphone.

What is SHAREit

This is a special application which will be excel to transfer a good range of various sorts of files between two devices. The programme is freed from charge and is compatible with Windows, Lenovo, Android, iOS and lots of other sorts of popular platforms and features a solid reputation for working quickly and smoothly.

Is SHAREit Safe to Use?

The software features a good reputation for being very safe and checks are made regularly to make sure that it doesn’t contain viruses. people that got to share sensitive documents and files can choose an additional level of security by choosing the secure option before sharing their documents.

Does SHAREit Transfer Files Quickly?

The software is one among the fastest methods of sending and receiving files between devices and actually it’s ready to transfer files up to forty times faster than Bluetooth. SHAREit is additionally significantly faster than NFC and transfer speeds are typically dictated by the Wi-Fi connection instead of the software itself.


Common uses of SHAREit App

Most of us use SHAREit, as it is the most popular android app to transfer file over wifi. SHAREit allows us to share photos and videos from one android devices to another device in a few seconds. We can consider our-self lucky, because there is a windows version of SHAREit available. Using it we can share file from android mobile to Computer and vice versa, without any connection of wire.

Download the latest windows version of SHAREit from => Download SHAREit for PC

You can watch this video to be clear =>>, “How to use SHAREit on PC

SHAREit Installation and Use

Firstly, we need to install SHAREit on our laptop or computer. After installation, setup the username and it’s avatar icon. Password can be changed any time, just set a password. Finally, just save your profile to use it.

We can connect our mobile with our PC by choosing the option “connect to PC’ from our mobile’s SHAREit app using the password. Or, we can simply scan for QR code to connect with PC.

After connecting the phone with PC, we are ready to share files from mobile to computer or vice versa. Now, we need to select the file option from our phone to choose the files to transfer. Or, we can do the opposite. To share files from our PC to mobile, we just need to select the file option from our PC and then choose the files from the PC folder. As you can understand, this is a fully wireless connection file sharing via SHAREit app on PC.

And that was the way to use SHAREit on PC to share files from mobile to PC or vice versa using the SHAREit app via Wireless Connection.


What are the Pros of Using SHAREit App On Your Gadget?

A free application which lets you delight in moving of data in the simplest feasible fashion is what SHAREit is all about. This is a free application which makes certain that all the files are transferred quickly. This data transfer is done on SHAREit using Wi-Fi and getting tools needs to be compatible with yours. It’s very easy as well as easy to use interface makes this app a preferred. Since it is a cost-free app, customers can download SHAREit app on PC as they desire to and also utilize it seamlessly.


Lots of media is transferred utilizing this tool that includes the following:


Video clips



Songs and any other file

The above reasons are plausible sufficient to use SHAREit on your device. Here we shall discover more of this application by talking about its attributes.


What makes SHAREit actually unique– features!

It is for the features of this app that has actually made it a prominent one. Allow us comprehend the basics of this application and its features which are as follows:

This app is compatible with the android, ios, home windows phone, home windows os and also mac

Makes cross platform sharing possible, even you can get SHAREit app on PC.

You don’t need any type of mobile data strategy or a Wi-Fi network

File transferring is much faster than Bluetooth

Can connect easily with your computer that likewise allows you regulate the PPT with your mobile

Valuable data can be stored in a just an issue of 2nd

The picture quality that you see is of HQ

In a solitary tap, you can move all the data of your computer system so in a feeling, replication comes to be possible

All sorts of data can be moved from your phone to one more device quickly


Who wants to fall behind using SHAREit!

While discussing SHAREit developers, it was developed by SHAREit Technologies Co. LTD which is an internet firm. This firm concentrates upon the growth of the items and also applications which are compatible with all the platforms. The business likewise uses variety of various other items which are as follows:

SHAREit SD (Wi-Fi SD card).




It is for the SHAREit that the app has actually been acquiring lots of rave reviews for the performance it delivers. When this application is used, there is no requirement of using the cable televisions which can ruin the smooth data transfer. You end up sharing the data quickly with other devices in a hassle-free fashion.


Using SHAREit

This application is available throughout the web as a complimentary tool. As we stated, this device is much easier to use and there are a lot of choices which you can watch out for. We will now talk about the method which this device can be used. You can check out the demands which are as follows:.

Obtaining tools need to have Wi-Fi capability.

Both the getting as well as sending out gadgets needs to have the Wi-Fi functionality.


The above steps can be followed for making use of SHAREit:

Open the app and also choose send.

Choose the documents to be shared.

After picking it click the next.

App will certainly currently look on the gadget on which SHAREit is makes it possible for.

Click on the get button on your COMPUTER.

The above ideas will assist you receive the documents conveniently by utilizing the SHAREit app on PC. So SHAREit no doubt comes to be one of the most commonly used app.

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