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Proper YouTube Video SEO Strategy to make it viral by Search Traffic

YouTube Video SEO

Proper YouTube Video SEO Strategy

Dear reader, here we are going to discuss the proper YouTube Video SEO strategy to make a YouTube Video viral by search traffic. Though some may argue, the SEO for YouTube video exists, just we have to know how it works, there is no magic or shortcut! To make a YouTube video viral we must upload the video with proper details and valid information, which YouTube actually wants for us.

Ok, let’s discuss how to make a YouTube Video viral! Actually, there is no exact formula for YouTube SEO, but can follow some YouTube Video SEO strategy to make it rank on YouTube search results.

The Top 10 important factors that make a YouTube video viral:

1. Video Title

The video title is the most important factor to rank a YouTube video. A video can be ranked on search results only by a good title! The title should be keyword optimized, simple and eye-catching, better if it is under 67 characters and unique.

2. Video Description

Video description is also an important factor for video SEO. A good description should be keyword optimized and more than 250 words long. Should provide the information source links and social media links. Use 2/3 main keywords with hashtag without space (exp: #YouTubeSEO, #ViralVideo, #VideoRankingFactors etc.)

3. Audience retention rate

Audience retention rate, that means the percentage of average video watch time is really an important factor for video ranking. So, avoid making click bite videos. Try to create authentic, informative and interesting videos that either educate the people or entertain them.

4. Video Tags (Keywords)

Putting Proper keywords on tag section is another important factor of video SEO. Try to use relevant keywords with high search volume and low competition.

5. Comments on the video

The more comments a video gets, the higher possibility of ranking. To enhance the number of comments on the video, you can throw a question in the video and ask views to give an answer in the comments. This trick will definitely help.

6. Like on the video

Like is also and important video engagement that plays role in ranking. Even a dislike helps video SEO in a positive manner.

7. Video Thumbnail

Thumbnail is really important for click-through rates, because it creates the firsts impression for clicking the video. Try to put the main keyword on thumbnail as text.

8. Social Media Engagement

After publishing the video, share it on top social media like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, Tumbler and so on. That will provide you initial traffic and social signals.

9. Backlinks/Embedded on other websites

If some popular websites or blogs feature your video on their websites by embedding the video or backlinking it, then the higher possibility of high ranking.

10. Suggested Video views

Create playlists and share the video on playlists. Put the channel name on Tag. These will make your video suggested on other videos of your channel and other related videos.



Why do some video clips show up in Google and also others do not?


Initially allows examine what sets off a video clip cause global search. I’m making a presumption that the majority of online marketers and also brand names are most thinking about video clips that appear in web search as opposed to Google’s video clip search due to the fact that web search claims most of search volume. YouTube Video SEO is essential to rank the video on google search. Therefore, from now on in this item, that’s what I’ll be referring to when I talk about Google search. Matt Cuts addressed this concern straight back in August on the “Google Webmaster Help” YouTube channel. Obviously, in classic Google design, the solution is obscure, however the video includes some useful information if you listen carefully.

Pay unique interest to what Matt states right around the 0:44 mark. In action to a user-submitted question regarding why a video with lots of sights as well as talk about YouTube does not activate a Google global search engine result, he claims, “… it could be that this set has more PageRank, and that’s why it outranks it.” This is a clear sign that Google’s crucial ranking factors for videos are still those that Search engine optimizations have actually depended on for many years– specifically, web links.


What makes a video clip rank well on Google?


When it comes to YouTube Video SEO, views on web pages, book Search Engine Optimization is your pal. You have absolutely no options for changing the web page design, and also you have actually restricted options for altering the page material. However, those options that you do have (title, description, tags, and also notes) must be manipulated to their optimal capacity. So that virtually fallen leaves web links. As well as there is no question that solid backlines stay among Google’s most important indications of both value as well as relevance. Google is just going to return a video as a universal search engine result if it is a highly relevant result for the gotten in keyword phrases. And also the fastest way to obtain Google’s attention is to get keyword-rich anchor-text web links from appropriate, trusted sources. For additional information concerning variables that help to cause a video clip result in Google’s universal search, please read the Michael Gray’s amazing short article on maximizing for universal search on Directory site Journal.


So exactly how do I obtain a video clip to rank well on both Google as well as YouTube?


Social media is the fastest, most inexpensive way to turbo-charge communication as well as back links. Even a basic social networks approach with varied, frequently upgraded, imaginative web content will certainly enhance interaction, return check outs, and also viral sharing. The viral sharing facet will raise backlinks much faster than any web link building contractor with a modest spending plan might do. Of course, social sharing takes control of support text out of your hands, so you can assist ease this trouble by having a keyword-target link-building strategy in place together with your social networks approach.

Allows check out a couple of instances. If you look for “cat service trip” on both Google as well as YouTube, the top result is a ridiculous Japanese industrial with a feline in it. Currently, I realize that “cat organization trip” does not lug massive search quantity, however please bear with me as I attempt to make my point.

Another instance is “turkey cheese fries.” Once again, it’s not a wonderful example of a competitive search term, but the very same video clip ranks No. 1 on both Google and YouTube for that term (I ought to warn you prior to enjoying the Turkey Cheese French fries video that it will certainly be stuck in your head for the rest of time). Both videos obtained a lot of play on social sharing websites like Digg, Reddit, Buzzfeed and others. For that reason, social communication was boosted as were backlinks, which caused these video clips being pushed to the top of the results on both online search engine.

The takeaways below are that if you desire a video to rate well on YouTube, spend some obtaining the page content right, and after that share it almost everywhere you can. To get the very same video clip to rank on Google, construct some good backlinks. To obtain video clip to rank on both, established a strong social media approach as well as encourage (also incentivize) as much communication as possible.


Therefore, we can finally say that there is no alternative of making quality content and doing YouTube Video SEO to make the video viral on YouTube.

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