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How to make money by creating android apps

How to make money by creating android apps

Earning money by making Android apps is now trending. We can make a good amount of money by making quality useful unique android apps. You may be wondering how to make money by creating android apps! Well, there are actually two ways to make money from android applications.


1. Create and sell android apps

Firstly, if we know apps development, we can create android apps for our client to earn or we can sell our created apps on apps market and freelance market places. Developer mostly use Android studio application to make android apps. If we can learn basic java, Python or other coding languages then we can easily make apps on Android Studio. We can also use and modify existing coding from online sources as it is an open source code.

If you don’t know coding, then nothing to worry as there are some apps like Thunkable to make android apps using elements and logic blocks. As Thunkable is making our app making job easier, it is becoming popular among the apps developers.

Now, let’s talk about places where we can sell our created apps. Most popular place to sell android applications is Google Play store. If we by a $25 developer license, we sell any created apps over Google Play. For example, we can sell gaming android apps there. We can even sell our apps source code. There many market places to sell apps and source code like selltheapps.com , sellmyapp.com   , appsgeyser.com , amazon.com etc.


2. Monetize android apps with ads

Secondly, we can use ads to monetize our owned/created apps to earn a decent amount of money. We can either use Google AdMob’s or ads from other popular platforms such as InMobi, MoPub, LeadBolt, Smaato, Epom Apps SDK, Airpush etc. There are different kinds of ads to monetize our apps such as interstitial ads, banner ads and reward ads. Therefore, we need to know how to put ads on android apps to earn in this way. Earn by monetizing apps by putting ads is the most popular way to earn money from android applications.

That is how we can make money by creating android apps.


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