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How to make money by creating android apps and Some Mobile Application Ideas 2020

How to make money by creating android apps

How to make money by creating android apps

Do you want to know how to make money by creating android apps? Earning money by making Android apps is now trending. We can make a good amount of money by making quality useful unique android apps. You may be wondering how to make money by creating android apps! Well, there are actually two ways to make money from android applications.


1. Create and sell android apps

Firstly, if we know apps development, we can create android apps for our client to earn or we can sell our created apps on apps market and freelance market places. Developer mostly use Android studio application to make android apps. If we can learn basic java, Python or other coding languages then we can easily make apps on Android Studio. As it is an online source code, we can use and modify the existing code of the app.

If you don’t know coding, then nothing to worry as there are some apps like Thunkable to make android apps using elements and logic blocks. As Thunkable is making our app making job easier, it is becoming popular among the apps developers.

Now, let’s talk about places where we can sell our created apps. Most popular place to sell android applications is Google Play store. Having bought a $25 developer license, we can sell our own created apps on Google Play. For example, we can sell gaming android apps there. We can even sell our apps source code. There many market places to sell apps and source code like selltheapps.com , sellmyapp.com   , appsgeyser.com , amazon.com etc.


2. Monetize android apps with ads

Secondly, it is very much posible to monitize with ads using our owned/created apps to earn a decent amount of money. We can either use Google AdMob’s or ads from other popular platforms such as InMobi, MoPub, LeadBolt, Smaato, Epom Apps SDK, Airpush etc. There are different kinds of ads to monetize our apps such as interstitial ads, banner ads and reward ads. Therefore, we need to know how to put ads on android apps to earn in this way. Earn by monetizing apps by putting ads is the most popular way to earn money from android applications.


Some Finest Mobile Application Ideas to Develop in 2020


1. Digital Interior Decoration App

AR technologies are already developed enough to use them as a basis for wonderful products created for different locations. For instance, you can develop an application permitting you to add a picture of your room and after that try “equipping” it with different interior decoration elements: adjustment wall surface shades, try out light, add and eliminate drapes, furnishings products, etc.

This is a wonderful app idea for a mobile startup that you could generate income from by partnering with furnishings shops, or fixing or design services.


2. Book Reviews and Recommendations App

If you like reviewing books, you will undoubtedly see value in this concept. Envision an application with which you could take a photo of a book that rate of interests you in a store and afterwards instantaneously read responses on it or suggestions for comparable books. The information can be drawn from Goodreads, Amazon, and other comparable systems.


3. Barter Exchange App

Product exchange is just one of the earliest methods, which will never totally shed significance. You can establish an app in the form of a system created to help with exchange processes amongst customers that wish to trade different points like clothes, gizmos, devices, playthings, and so on

Many of us own points that we when got, today they exist unblemished in our storage rooms as well as are not made use of in all. So why not trade them for something you can in fact make use of now?


4. Digital Fashion Jewelry Try-On App

This is another method to utilize technology based upon augmented fact. The user could try on enticing fashion jewelry by uploading their photo in the app, and also purchase choice based upon the visualization.


5. Application for Elderly Individuals

Every person requires additional treatment as well as focus as they age, and also elderly individuals are slowly coming to be an increasingly big group of application users. Imagine a suggestion for an app that will certainly make their lives much easier by preparing their day-to-day tasks, reminding them about drugs and utility expenses, or streamlining the buying and also shipment of food for their individual diet.


6. Interactive Call Listing App

Nearly everyone has profiles on different socials media as well as several carriers at the same time. Based on this, we can develop a simple but interesting suggestion for a mobile app– an interactive contact listing that will certainly have links to every web page pertinent to a particular person on different social networks, their e-mail address, as well as carriers.


7. Neighborhood of passion App

Each of us has leisure activities as well as rate of interests based on which we can discover similar individuals both in our city and in the on-line area throughout the globe. Utilizing this information, you can develop an app that would certainly join individuals with similar interests into a single community. Utilize our tip as well as attempt to check out preferred single-interest group on Facebook, and also you will undoubtedly find lots of fascinating discoveries.


8. Wish Store App

Lots of online stores feature a specialized switch created to include merchandise to the Shopping list or Favorites. You can reconsider this choice a little bit, developing a system that enables individuals to publish pictures or a summary of goods they require. Then, based on this information, numerous sellers could supply goods or custom production services.


9. Journey Coordinator Application (customized travel plan).

Usual tourist trails are of little interest to many individuals nowadays. At the same time, numerous travelers that have had interesting traveling experiences will aspire to share them with others. The concept for this mobile app is to develop a data source including travel itineraries, or simply walks, that are discussed by the users themselves.

When the variety of offered itineraries is huge enough, you can use filters with the adhering to specifications:

Walk duration (1-2 hours, 1 day, 2 days, etc.);

Goals (tourist, birthday, enchanting evening);

Transportation (done walking, by cars and truck, by bus);

Budget (approximately $50, $50-100, $200-500);

And others.


10. Tinder for Board Games App

Board games are an old and also profitable service, yet very few can regularly afford to acquire intriguing uniqueness in this area. This concern can be resolved by utilizing a mobile application to help individuals who currently have a certain parlor game in their property unite a group of several participants who would wish to try playing it for the first time or simply have a good time.


11. Just how much Does Your Time Cost App

This is a rather easy idea for a mobile app, which, at the same time, has massive possibility for acquiring popularity. The concept is to develop a calculator that shows you the time you have to work to manage a specific thing based on your revenue information.

As additional attributes, you can integrate the possibilities of switching between money, to include tax liabilities, and so on


12. Search Products by Photo App

Direct your video camera at a product you like (for instance dress) or download its picture from the Net (for example, from Instagram), click the search switch, and get a listing of online shops where you can buy it. It’s an excellent concept for a mobile start-up, isn’t it?


13. Holidays Wish listing App

This application would be a collector of various products available in various online shops, which the customer could contribute to his Christmas shopping list. As an option, it could be a want list with no reference to any type of certain vacation.

The individual’s family members as well as pals might look through this listing as well as order the important things they like as a Xmas present for the individual. On-line stores could supply some added rewards like present coverings or cost-free distribution.


14. Buddy Score App

Photo a social media in which you could anonymously assess your pals’ numerous individual traits: personality, look, actions, garments design, and so on.

An application concept is such that individuals will see their ranking and the variety of customers that voted, however they can never figure out who rated them and just how. I think this kind of app would certainly be particularly preferred among teens.


15. Dishes by Components

You can make an application offering you culinary dishes based on a checklist of products you define. As an advanced function, you can add the opportunity to set a calorie limitation.

A simple parsing of popular cooking web sites could assist you integrate thousands of dishes right into the application data source. Customers get a basic listing and after that familiarize themselves with the dish in more detail on the source internet site.


16. Online Landscape Layout

In fact, this suggestion for a mobile application is similar to the interior design item discussed at the beginning of this write-up. However, as opposed to apartment or condo spaces, we can envision the environment around residences based on readily available photos.


17. Rush Camera Application

Nowadays, the majority of phones have 2-3 electronic cameras, and one of them is typically a wide-angle one appropriate for a dash cam. Add a big touch screen, a large quantity of memory, GPS, etc. to these functions, and also you get an almost perfect device for a purpose like this.

If your app sustains cloud storage space solutions, it will certainly allow you to post your recorded videos to the web to liberate area on your mobile phone. You can likewise apply voice control and also Google Assistant support right into your app to give individuals the possibility to trigger the app by voice command as opposed to search for the committed app symbol. We might take place stating a lot more possible functions that would certainly be great for this application.


18. City Guide App

It is no problem in all to discover an excellent city overview app for megacities. Nonetheless, for smaller sized cities as well as towns, it can become a real challenge.

You can conveniently develop such an item by finding as well as systemizing the essential recommendation data and also making a dedicated mobile application out of it. Many users will definitely take advantage of this app to access all the required information about their city in one location.


19. Niche Advert Board

In this field, every nation already has a number of significant players regulating the market. However, one can always stick out by concentrating on a details activity. For instance, you can develop an advert board for:

workers participated in house remodeling projects;

photographers and videographers;

adverts on special devices (excavators, bulldozers, etc.) service.

Our hint: check out a big marketing solution as well as find out about the popularity of specific industries. This way you can locate the most promising niche for your application.


20. Thematic Lists App

The significance of any kind of list is to produce a listing of certain actions necessary to complete a task. The concept for this mobile app is to allow the production of thematic checklists to a common database and also utilize other individuals’ premade checklists. This item could be useful to lots of people.


21. Public Carsharing App

Carsharing is a type of short-lived vehicle service (numerous hours or days), which is presently acquiring popularity in numerous nations around the world, particularly in big cities.

Nonetheless, you can consider one more strategy to implement this mobile application idea, claim by releasing a start-up allowing individuals to lease a cars and truck not from car rental business but straight from automobile proprietors.


22. Uber for Consultants App

Uber’s company version has actually worked quite possibly for a number of regular temporary services like food ordering, house cleansing, small repair service services, and so on. This design can additionally be applied in the consulting market, as people frequently experience scenarios when recommendations from a specialist is needed.

Consulting solution mobile application suggestion.

by Anastasia, Dribble.

The independent consulting specific niche will continue to expand in the future, and despite the fact that you can barely call this concept distinct or simple, it is absolutely worth taking into consideration.


23. Finding out the Language in Context App

The most effective method to discover an international language is to get completely submersed in the details language atmosphere. Additionally, when you discover words in context, you will certainly memorize them better. This is the essence of the suggestion for this app, which I chose to consist of on our checklist.

You can develop a start-up allowing the individual to enter a particular word into an application and also get a checklist of short text, audio, and also video clip materials in which this word is made use of.

As a beneficial extra alternative, you can add the opportunity to filter the content by the trainee’s level: from newbie to advanced.


24. Gift App

This is the suggestion of a mobile application that can possibly remain in need among a broad target market of individuals. Each people occasionally faces the need to select a gift for our loved ones, however it is not always very easy ahead up with a great suggestion simultaneously. This kind of item should help you solve this trouble.

Basically, the service offers you to define specific criteria (age, gender, occasion (for instance, birthday celebration or wedding event), and then, the app generates a checklist of gift concepts based upon these parameters. You can monetize this product, using affiliate programs or cooperating straight with marketers.


25. Bargain Supplies near You App

To make an effective product, you do not need to target a worldwide or nationwide market. In the age of smartphones, regional markets are just as fascinating for startups.

The significance of this mobile app idea is to enable individuals to quickly discover successful offers (promos and price cuts) in your area, as an example, in a restaurant in the next road or clothes store reachable in 10 minutes’ stroll.


That is how we can make money by creating android apps.

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