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How to make a Responsive Dynamic WordPress Website step by step in 2020

How-to-make a-Dynamic-Responsive-WordPress-Website-2020
How to make a Dynamic Responsive WordPress Website 2020

How to make a Responsive Dynamic WordPress Website step by step in 2020

This article explains how to make a WordPress Website in 2020 that is a Responsive Dynamic website. We can create a website by completing few steps one by one. The step by step procedure of making a complete WordPress website site below in details.

Steps you need to follow to make a complete website:

  1. Purchase a Domain Name
  2. Purchase a Hosting
  3. Install WordPress
  4. Install a WP Theme
  5. Necessary Plugins Installation
  6. Decorate site with Content

These are the six basic steps we should complete to have a dynamic responsive WordPress Website.


Where to Buy Domain and Hosting:

The thing is that we can buy Domain and Hosting both either from the same place or from different places as well. However, there are a lot of places, where you can purchase them from. I mentioned some trusted market places below:

1. Namecheap

2. Hostgator

3. Godaddy

4. Hostinger

5. Bluehost

These are my personal chose, you can buy your domain and hosting plan from anywhere you like.


WordPress Installation

Firstly, we have to buy domain name and web hosting plan. After that, we can install WordPress from the hosting cPanel. However, we know that cPanel is the hosting dashboard. From cPanel website developers can control things that are directly related to the website, website maintenance and development. Generally, We get the login details of cPanel (a username and a password) after purchasing the hosting package. And we need to install WordPress to our website domain from cPanel. We have to set up a WordPress login details (a username and a password) for WP dashboard login. We can do it easily by using Softaculous automatic app installer with one click.


Install a Theme

As soon as we finished WordPress Installation, we can login to WP dashboard using the WordPress panel username and password that we set up during the WordPress installation process. You can install a Theme from the theme section of the Appearance option of the menu. You will find a lot of free themes here to use or we can purchase a premium theme to upload it to the WP dashboard. Premium themes will cost around $10-$80 or more depending upon the quality and it will make our task really painless and the site will be gorgeous and elegant looking.


Installation of Necessary Plugins & Create Pages and Menus

In the next step after installing the theme, we need to customize it with the necessary plugins. There are many essential plugins like the visual editor, contact form, image slider, spacer and many more. After Installation of plugins, we can import the demo of a ready website structure with content which will make our task simpler.

After that, we need to create some essential pages for our WordPress website where we will display our website content like images, texts, videos, audios etc. Additionally, we should make a menu for our site. In the menu, we will set the pages in order. Some common pages are Home, Contact Us, About Us, Services, Privacy Policy, Blog page etc.


Customize the theme and the pages

Finally, When we have finished all the prerequisite steps, we are ready to customize the theme and pages to make it more eye-catching with proper text, images and other contents. Moreover, the website must look well organized and meaningful to the visitors of our website.


I hope now you understand clearly how to make a Responsive and Dynamic WordPress Website completely in 2020 with step by step process.



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