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How to make a money earning blog website in 2020

How to make a money earning blog website in 2020

How to make a money earning blog website in 2020

Make money online from blogging is a very popular among the online earners. This post may help you to learn the proper way how to make a money earning blog website in 2020. First, we will see the list what are the steps we need to cross to make a profitable blog site.

  1. Chose and register a domain name for website
  2. Purchase a hosting plan for hosting the website
  3. Chose a platform to create website (WordPress is a common platform to make blogs)
  4. Chose a theme for the blog and install the theme on the website
  5. Decorate the website with content on different niches
  6. Finally, set up an earning system on the website (Google Ads, Affiliates or other systems)

We need to make a proper website first before start applying for any earning system setup on our website. So, let’s discuss every step in brief so that we can understand the whole process.

Chose and register a domain name for the website

First, we need to find an idea of the topics that means the key niche of our website, then we need to research some keywords related to that and chose a perfect domain name for our website. We can purchase a new fresh domain name for $9 – $15 from Namecheap, Hostgator, Godaddy or other markets.

Purchase a hosting plan for hosting the website

The next step is, we need a hosting plan to host the website and it’s content. There are different types of hosting packages. Chose a hosting package that is suitable for you. If you want to host multiple website domains in a single hosting plan then it will be better to buy a shared hosting package from Namecheap, Hostgator or any other hosting service provider. It may cost you around $20 – $100 depending upon your choice, please check the recent website package rate.


Chose a platform to create the website – WordPress

Then, we need to choose a platform to make our website. WordPress is the most common and easy to optimize the platform for blogging. We can use free and premium themes and plugins to easily customize our blog website in WordPress. So, we can choose WordPress as our website making platform to make the task easy and get a professional look easily.


Chose a theme for the blog and install the theme on the website

There are lots of free themes available in WordPress, from which we can choose one to design our website structure.  Or, if we want more professional look easily then we can purchase a premium theme as well. Premium WordPress theme may cost you around $20-$100 depending upon the design. Premium plugins are also free with premium themes. Demo structure that means readymade design and sample contents are free with premium themes. So, with premium themes, we can create our WordPress website in a few clicks.


Decorate the website with content on different niches

After creating the basic design and structure, we need to fill our website with relevant content such as some articles, some images, some audio and videos. Always try to put unique content without copy-pasting from others. If you copy-paste other’s content your site will be penalized and you can’t earn from your site that case. So, be careful about content writing and chose a proper niche for them.


Setup an earning system on the website like Google Ads, Affiliates or other

Finally, we set up an earning system on the blog website. There are various ways to earn money from the blog site. But the two most popular ways are earning by Google AdSense ads and by doing affiliates. W can do both at the same website as well. We need to have at least 10-30 posts over 300+ words unique articles in our blog to apply for Google AdSense Ads. Our blog must be a responsive website and we need to have About Us, Contact Us and Privacy Policy Pages on the site. We can also apply for an affiliate program through our blog site. Amazon Associates, Clickbank, ShareASale Affiliates, Shopify Affiliate Program etc. are very popular. There are other options as well to monetize the blog, such as Facebook ads, other ads network’s ads etc.


How much can a blogging website earn with AdSense?

Making from a blogging through AdSense depends up on the Traffic if the traffic to your web site is a lot more after that your earning will be more.

If the natural web traffic to your website is 50 K monthly then you can gain nearly 150$ monthly. Currently you can calculate your revenues according to your traffic on your site.

And If your web traffic counts on 500 K per months after that your own earning raise to 1500$ each month by AdSense.

Earning through blog writing is better way to earn. You cannot gain much better than this in any other IT business other than couple of (however they require high qualification).

Yet I am sure that if you utilize affiliate advertising as well then you might have better reaction than AdSense. As Associate Advertising is extra much better than AdSense.

Lots of blog writers claims that by using affiliate advertising they gain 6 to 10 times greater than the incomes from AdSense.


Much more Website traffic = Much More Income

It’s not unrealistic to make between $0.01– $0.25 per page view in numerous blogging specific niches via screen and affiliate ads.

So, if you obtain 1,000 pageviews a month (very easy), you can make in between $10-$ 25 monthly, which will cover the cost of running the blog site.

Yet if you can reach 100,000 pageviews a month, that develops into $1,000– $25,000 every month. In unusual instances I’ve seen a blog writer make $0.20 per web page view in a very rewarding specific niche like insurance, but someplace in the $0.02– $0.05 is reasonable.

So, the even more people your blog site gets to, the more cash you can undoubtedly make.

The more time you take into sharing top quality web content, the larger your web traffic and email checklist will certainly expand.


That’s how to make a money earning blog website in 2020. I hope you too now, can make an earning blog website by following these simple steps. If you face any problem to monetize your blog them just put a comment below at the Leave a comment section or you can mail us to “mail@justgenius.info”.


Now you can create your own money earning blog.

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