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How to get Drone Footage without a Drone using Smartphone or PC

How to get drone shots without a drone

If you want to know a secrete technique of how to get drone shots without having a drone, then this post may help you to know how to do it. As you know everything is easy to show in videos rather than explaining it by writing, hence I have shared a video below the post where I showed exactly how to get drone footage of any place of the earth without a drone just using a PC or smartphone devices.

However, here I had used a unique technique by using 3 applications available for both mobile devices and computers to make the drone video from home.
The three applications are:
1. Google Earth
2. Screen Recorder
3. Video Editing Software

Get Drone Shots without a Drone:

We can make drone footage of any popular place using the special technique. The process is simple, we have to use the Google Earth and a screen recording application to capture the aerial view of the particular famous location of the world. Certainly, we can get better quality shots using a computer or laptops, but a smart mobile device of android and IOS can be used to get the job done decently. In the below tutorial I used Google Earth on a browser of my PC, however, for mobile you can use Google Earth application available in both IOS and android.

The Process of getting Drone Footage without a Drone:

First, we have to open Google Earth and then search on it for the exact location to find the place. Then after finding it, we have to eliminate the names from the map by selecting the clean option from the map style of the menu item. Next, we can zoom properly to get the perfect aerial view and then we should start the screen capture before pressing on the 2D and 3D button to make the location move like a drone is capturing the video by moving around the place. Finally, we have to crop the captured footage and edit it with video editing software to get the final output.

You can download Google Earth Mobile Application on Android.
As a screen recording software on PC, we can use any of these 3 renowned applications:
1. Debut Video Capture
2. OBS Studio
3. Flashback Express

And as a screen capturing application on mobile, we can use:
👉 AZ screen recorder
👉 XRecorder Screen recording App

A great video editing software for mobile is:
👉 KineMaster
👁️ Watch how we can use KineMaster on android device
👉 Watch how we can use KineMaster on IOS device
👉 Watch how we can screen record on IOS device

Some popular video editing software for computers are:
1. Adobe Premiere Pro
2. Camtasia
3. Wondershare Filmora

The most famous video editing software for MAC is:
👉 Final Cut Pro X

I believe, this post of making drone shots using Google Earth from smartphones or Laptops will excite you a lot to get drone footage videos easily from home and it is a very simple and easy process too. Watch the full video below to know the step by step process of it.



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