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How to earn money from YouTube Videos in 2020

How to earn money from YouTube Videos in 2020

How to earn money from YouTube Videos in 2020

This post may help you to learn how to earn money from YouTube videos in 2020. If you have any questions about making money from YouTube then you can ask it by comment on the “LEAVE A REPLY” section below the post.

According to Just Genius Info’s opinion YouTube provides us the easiest platform to make money online. To start earning from YouTube we just need to create a YouTube Channel using our existing Gmail account or we can create a new Gmail account if we don’t have any. After creating our YouTube Channel we have to customize our YouTube channel.


YouTube Channel Customization:

Give a good and unique name to your Channel. Put a nice YouTube banner art. Then verify the channel using mobile number. Once our channel is verified we can create and publish videos on YouTube regularly. We can add other social media or links on our channel and create playlist for particular topic’s videos. Then keep uploading videos regularly on YouTube and we need to wait before reaching the minimum qualification to monetize YouTube videos with Google AdSense Ads.


The minimum requirement to monetize YouTube videos:

We need to reach the qualification level to get our videos monetized with ads. The minimum requirement to monetize YouTube videos of our channel with Google AdSense ads is:

  1. The channel must be 1 year old,
  2. Channel have 1000+ Subscribers and
  3. Channel’s video watch time must be 4000+ Hours in last 12 months.

The requirement may seem a bit difficult to achieve, but truly speaking it’s never so tough if you create quality videos regularly and share your videos in different social media after publishing the videos. And remember that you must need to publish videos with proper details to get your videos noticed by others.


How to publish videos properly to get noticed:

If your videos don’t get noticed by YouTube video viewers then your video will not get views and your channel will not grow. So, the key to success on YouTube is, make quality videos and then publish the video with proper title, descriptions and keywords. You need to research keywords that have high search volume and related to the video topic. Description should 100+ words, if you can write 250+ words then it will be better.

Earning depends on video views:

When you fulfills your minimum requirement of video monetization then YouTube will give you the chance to apply for Google AdSense to show ads on your videos. Ads will be shown on your videos and you will earn money for ads impressions and clicks. The more video views, the more ads impression and the more earning.


That’s how to make money from YouTube videos in 2020. If you have any questions related to YouTube earnings then please ask for answer on comment section.





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