Home Drone DJI Mavic Air 2 Drone – Review, Price & Full Specifications

DJI Mavic Air 2 Drone – Review, Price & Full Specifications

DJI Mavic Air 2 Drone

DJI Mavic Air 2 Drone – Review, Price & Full Specifications

DJI Mavic Air 2!!! Great news for Drone Freaks! As DJI Launched another incredible drone in 2020. It is the DJI Mavic Air 2 Drone, latest addition. Ok, if you are wondering about the camera features and price level of this new DJI drone then, this is the perfect post for you.


What are the Special Features of New Mavic Air 2 Drone?

The new Mavic Air 2 drone has key features of 8K Hyper lapse, 4K/60fps Video recording, range of 10km at 1080p Video Transmission, Focus Tracking, 48MP Photo capturing, HDR Photo, Panorama and most importantly 34-Minutes Max Flight Time which is stunning.

Mavic Air 2 Key Features


Price of DJI Mavic Air 2 Drone of DJI

Price Tag is really attractive as the basic drone DJI Mavic Air 2 is available only for US $799 and the fly more combo is US $988 which is really in affordable range for most drone lovers. Fly more combo included carrying bag, prop guards, charging hub, three batteries and ND filters. Preorder has started and would start shipping from 11th May 2020 in the US.


Mavic Air 2 Fly More Combo Price

Fly More Combo Pack Product list:

  • One Mavic Air 2 Aircraft
  • One Intelligent Flight Battery
  • One Battery Charger
  • One Battery Charging Hub
  • One Remote Controller
  • 3 Pairs of Low-Noise Propellers
  • ND Filters Set (ND256/64/16)
  • One USB-C Connector RC Cable
  • One Lightning Connector RC Cable
  • One Standard Micro-USB Connector RC Cable
  • One Gimbal Protector
  • One Control Sticks
  • One Manual Book
  • One AC Power Cable
  • One USB 3.0 Type-C
  • One Battery to Power Bank Adaptor
  • One Shoulder Carrying Bag


Quick Unboxing

List of Details Specifications of this New Drone

This new drone has some cool features that makes it worth buying. It has all contemporary facilities that a drone cinematographer may want to have. Though it has some limitations, considering the price, we are getting really top-notch quality benefits.


8K Hyperlapse Option

This drone has 8K hyperlapse option, which is really an extra feature than its core competitors have. In modern drone cinematography hyper lapse video is crucial, and we are getting that in 8k, just super. To enhance our creative explanation 8K Hyperlapse can play a vital role. Using the app we would able to create an automated scene in few seconds, just by selecting the shooting location! Possibilities are innumerable with four different available Hyper lapse modes.

4k/60fps Video

This drone has 60 fps frame rate capability in 4K mode, where most other drones have only up to 30 fps in 4K. It can also shoot video at 4K-60fps/30fps/24fps, 2.7K-60fps/30fps/24fps and 1080p-240fps/120fps. You can get awesome video footage as D-Cinelike retains magnificent details, letting you transform colors just like a boss.

OcuSync 2.0 allows 10 km 1080p Video Transmission

The latest OcuSync 2.0 technology allows video transmission up to 10 km range delivering a 1080p FHD livestream direct from the drone. More interestingly that 1080p livestream video can be straightly edit using the app to shared on social media. It has flawless image transmission with H.265 encoding, decreased interference due to different frequency bands, and high quality signal performance compared to previous versions.

Focus Tracking

Focus tracking is available. This drone can follow you during filming. It can focus track while avoiding obstacles using Active Track 3.0. You can re-identify your focus using DJI’s best tracking technology, after you lost it in a high-speed scene. Both the obstacle avoidance and the object recognition have been improved as it has the algorithms to predict their position. It also have spotlight 2.0 & Point of interest focusing PIO 3.0.


48 MP Photo & HDR Panorama

It has 48 MP photo capturing option with 1/2-inch CMOS Sensor, supported by Quad Bayer technology. Also have HDR panorama option. Can take ultra-wide epic shot. It has the most advanced panorama option that other DJI drones. Can really capture high-resolution top-quality photos with vivid colors and details.

34 Minutes of Max Flight Time

Most interestingly the Mavic Air 2 drone has 34 minutes of maximum flight time which is more than any other DJI drones. Battery life was measured in an interference-free situation and with an Android smartphone. In practical environment the flight time could be a bit less, but surely more than half an hour.

ND filter

In the Fly More Combo set, ND26/64/256 filters are included for free. But if you want ND4/8/32 filters (bright images with low ISO) then you can purchase them from store. ND filters helps control exposure for the perfect shot, especially in harsh lighting conditions.

Quick Shots Option

It has some built-in Quick Shots option available that give you stunning footage. Every cinematographer dreams of footage that will overwhelm their social media fans. Quick Shots give you awesome flight sequences with just a few fingertips, that proves you pro. It has story templates with music, next level special effects and amazing filters. And hats-off to electronic image stabilization that made Quick Shots smoother and perfect.

Obstacle Avoidance

For the crush free flight experience, Mavic Air 2 has downward, forward, and backward obstacle avoiding sensors. Using these 3 sensors it can also sense upward obstacle. In poor lighting conditions, for safety landing an improved auxiliary light improves had been added.

Other Flight Safety Features

It has APAS 3.0 that means Advanced Pilot Assistance Systems 3.0 features of advanced mapping technology for reliable obstacle avoidance in complex situations. It also has Dual-Frequency Flight to improve anti-interference in different shooting scenarios. Dual-frequency 2.4/5.8GHz communication spontaneously adjusts to a channel with the least interference during flight instantly. Moreover, it has OcuSync 2.0 for higher transmission range.



Drone Remote Controller

Remote Controller

The remote controller features a convenient design for ultimate comfort during shooting time and an upgradation in battery life. And option of attaching different smartphones easily using the new clamp at the top-side this time and integrated antennas offer the best possible flight experience.

Who Mavic Air 2 can Excite

The latest DJI Mavic Air 2 drone can excite all most any drone freaks starting from personal use to professional level users. The price tag is just made it super exciting and it is better an any other drones on $1000 range, even than most other high-price drones.

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I believe this comprehensive post of Just Genius Info about the new Mavic Air 2 drone would help you to understand the features of this drone in details and provide you with the necessary information that you may looking for.