Home Engineering Diesel Generator set’s Major Parts and Working Principle

Diesel Generator set’s Major Parts and Working Principle

Major Parts of Diesel Generator sets and working principle

Diesel Generator set’s Major Parts of and working principle

Diesel Genset is a combination set, where a diesel engine runs an Alternator. People also know Alternator as a generator. Diesel Engine function is to rotate the alternator. The engine gets energy from diesel.

People, generally, use diesel generator sets in Industries as an emergency power supply. And it can be a backup power supply if the grid fails.

While it is rotating, the alternator generates power. The engine is a tool to rotate alternators.

Diesel Engine Working Principle in Cycle

Four cycles are commonly seen in Diesel Engine. They are – Intake, Compression, Combustion and finally Exhaust.

Diesel Genset works exactly according to the Energy conversion law. We all know that we cannot create energy. We can only convert energy into other forms of energy.

Initially, Diesel has chemical energy. However, during the combustion process, chemical energy converted into heat. After that, heat converted to force. Finally, force works as mechanical energy that rotate the Alternator.

Then the alternator converts the mechanical energy into Electrical Energy. Some energy losses as heat in the process which goes to the atmosphere by the help of the radiator.

We know that the Radiator is a cooling system. Modern diesel engines are able to convert energy with high efficiency of up to 45%. That means 55% of energy losses as heat.

From the above discussion, we can divide Genset mainly into three parts. They are:

1. Alternator

2. Engine and

3. Radiator.

There are other subparts or helping spare parts of that main three parts. The most common sub-parts are Exhaust, water separator, turbocharger, fuel filter, lube oil filter, control panel, air filter, battery, battery charger, Aftercooler, breather filter, starter motor, oil chamber and few other spare parts.


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