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Best ways to increase YouTube video views in 2020

Best ways to increase YouTube video views in 2020

Best ways to increase YouTube video views in 2020

This post may help you to know the best ways to increase YouTube video views in 2020. Learn how to get more YouTube video views fast and that are sustainable views. In this post we will see some common best practices that we can follow to increase our YouTube Video views and grow our channel.

YouTube search ranking optimization:

YouTube search ranking is the most important factor to get sustainable video views and increase the video viewers. So, how can we do that? The main idea is that you should first research for witch keywords or phrases people are typing to search videos on YouTube. Find some relative high search volume keywords for your video topic. You can use “Google Adword Keyword Planner tools” to check the keyword’s search volume. Then use those relevant high searched Keywords on your video Title, Tag & Description. You can type up to 100 characters on YouTube video title, 67 character is the best practice. Now on description you should write 100+ words at least. The more you can write the more it will be better, 250+ is the best practice. You can put some relevant website or video links on the description. On tag section you can put keywords up to 500 characters in total. Each tag should be separated by comma. Good Tags, Title and description is the most important factor to rank videos on YouTube and increase YouTube video views in 2020.


Regular Social Share:

After publishing videos, we need some initial video views that we can achieve from social sharing. Sharing videos really helps to get more views. Especially on Reddit, Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest, Blogger, Tumbler etc. We should share as much as we can share on different social medias regularly to get social signals. Some times social media posts can make your YouTube video viral. Increase YouTube video views socially by sharing.


Create Attractive Thumbnail for videos:

Attractive thumbnail will make your videos more clickable while browsing YouTube. It will be a great idea to create a custom attractive thumbnail that tempts user to click.


Create Transcripts of Your Videos:

Transcript is the written text of everything that we had spoken on video. Transcript is also known as CC or Captions. Transcripts have the ability to increase video ranking on YouTube. YouTube auto generates a transcript for every video we upload, but there can be some mistakes due to our pronunciation problem. We should correct the transcript and create a custom transcript using YouTube transcripts edit option. Transcripts helps to increase YouTube video views by providing more reach.


Increase Subscriber:

Subscriber is one of the vital factors that actually state the standard of you YouTube channel. The more you produce quality content the chances to get more subscriber. Subscribers who turn on the bell notification, they get you video publish notification and generally views your video instantly. So, we can achieve good subscriber base then it will be easier to get more video views instantly. Asking viewers to subscribe your Channel may not be a bad idea. Remember one thing, we should never misguide our viewers with spam & scam or wrong information. Building trust to the subscribers is the key to success. High amount of subscriber would increase YouTube video views initially.


Create Quality Content:

Creating quality content is the key to long term success. Imagine if you are getting lots of views but your contents are not up to the mark, then you will not get like comments and subscribe to your channel and in result your channel will not grow, which is not good at all. So, make quality videos which entertain viewers or educate them or at least they enjoy watching it.


Increase video watch time:

Now a day’s video watch time plays an important role to rank your videos. The audience retention rate is very important. Audience retention rate 60% means at your 10 minutes video the viewer watched the video for 6 minutes before switching to other videos. So, the longer viewers watch the more it will help your videos to ranks. Try to make videos in such a way that it makes viewers wait until they complete the full video. High audience retention rate would surely help your video to increase YouTube video views.


Encourage viewers to like and comment on the video:

Make interactive videos that encourage views to like and comment on the videos. Like and comment helps your video to rank. Even a dislike can help your video in a positive way. Reply all comments on your videos as your comments too count. Make a controversial video may not be a bad idea to publish as it encourages viewers to dislike and comments, but keep the subscriber’s choice in mind in the process.


Remake of Viral Trends video:

Follow the trends can help you to grow your channel. The viral topics are always trending for months or couple of months. If we remake a video on viral trends then our videos will be suggested with viral videos and we can get views and subscribers as well. Massive number of people searches for viral trendy topics keywords, to know the trends you can use “Google Trends”. Viral video will increase YouTube video views rocketly.


Google AdWords Ads:

The number of views, watch time, likes and comments will definitely help your videos to rank. To get more of those, your videos need to be discovered by viewers. So, it can be a great option to get a lot of initial views when your video is not ranked by boost your videos simply by spending some money with Google AdWords ads campaigning. After your video ranks, you can get a lot of views in return. Ads really helps to increase YouTube video views.


You must understand the fact that there is no hard and fast rules of getting video viral and increase YouTube video views! Rather you should always need to produce quality content and try to optimize your video with outmost effort during video upload. YouTube wants the legitimate information in details about your video. If you can prof that what your video is about and whom it is made for, YouTube will promote your video automatically by their various dynamic features.

I hope this post will help you to understand the best practices to increase YouTube video views and more views and subscribers in proper ways. So, start applying those tips and tricks to increase YouTube video views and grow your channel fast. These were the reasons why a YouTube video goes viral and gets millions views.

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