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Just Genius Info is a blog website. This blog is mainly for eLearning students and freelancers, who want to learn and know more tips and tricks about make money online, WordPress website design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Graphics Design, AdSense earning, Video Editing, Android Apps Development, Engineering, Information Technology, unique article writing, modern trends and much more.

Just Genius Info posts regularly on different topics to let the visitor know the latest updates and formulas about all most every topics visitors like to know. That’s all to enhance their skills and knowledge. We believe that knowledge is the supreme power a man can hold. Therefore, we share knowledge between the website followers and members. Sharing knowledge can’t decrease one’s status rather it increase the current status.


Ways to make money online

There are numerous ways to make money online. We will focus on 100% legit ideas of making money online which will work all the time now and in future. Google gave us the opportunity to learn and earn money by various tools. For example YouTube is a great platform to earn money by video monetization. We can also earn by our blog website from Google AdSense ads or we can Make an android app and publish it to Google Play store to earn money. Apart from that working as a freelancer in different market place like Upwork, fiverr or other websites can be a great idea. Moreover, we can also do affiliate of many products from many different websites. For this we need skills and know the step by step process how to do it. There are some success fruit prints we can follow to be successful.


Our aim

We will try to teach our website visitors both the basic and advance techniques of modern trends with step by step instruction both by text and visual (image and videos) methods. So, Just Genius Info could be a great platform for both newbies and experts to enhance and reshape their knowledge and ideas.


We have a dream to become the most popular helping blog website on Make Money Online topics and skills.


We want provide our website visitor with 100% legit and to the point information on the particular topics.


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